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About the artist

Chhim Sothy was born in Kankdal Province in 1969. He is old enough to remember the worst of times in Cambodiam but young enough that histraining and career are situated firmly this side of the Khmer Rouge nightmare. His art, likewise, embodies, and ability to refer equally comfortably to tranditional Khmer temple motifs, modernist European painterliness and to the contemporary cross-cultural cross-media melting pot.

The breadth of Chhim Sothy's Oeuvre will be immediately apparent to anyone who has seen "The Life of The Streets" after seeing his exhibition of mythlogical paintings last month at the Department of Plastic Arts building in Phnom Penh. This unique fluency of style resonates strongly with the complex cultural tensions of Phnom Penhin recent times.

Chhim Sothy Granduated from the Royal University of Fine Arts in 1996, and the Chantiers Ecoles de Formation Professionelle in Siem Reap in 1997. Heworks for the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts in Phnom Penh.

He has exhibited widely in Cambodia as well as being represented at the 2008 Chinese International Art Biennale, and at exhibitions in Indonesia, Laos, Singapore, Paris, Manila, Vietnam, Thailand and the United States.

Artist's statement

I want to express my reactions to the change in Phnom Penh in my lifetime: from 'Year zero' of the khmer Rouge untill now. So much has changed. On one hand, there is construction, deveopment, excitement, development, excitement, benefits of new ways of thinking, On the other hand, there is hardship  the cyclo drivers with nowhere to sleep, the people who have missed out on the benefits. This division now runs through society. 
I want to show the good and the bad the rich, the poor, the monks, the traffic jams where we have too many cars for our own good. I want to think about what is goodand bad, about the people who have missed out on the benefits of development. I see the inequality of the poor who are exiled into lives of difficulty to make room for the development of high-rise buildings. 
I want to body helps everybodym that is done with order, dignity and respect for the law of the country I want country. I want to show the real, the reality of what I see of life on the streets in Phnom Penh. 

Diversity of activities and livings in Phnom P

We aim to show people's daily livings in general, with all kinds of businesses and the hardships they endure, to live a happy hopeful life in the city in the future.

Beoung Kak Lake

Many people live around this lake. The lake is beautified in the water surface and aquatic plants and it is picturesque at sunset.
Monks in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is a hub for economy and cultural tourism Every morning, monks wander arround to beg offerings of food in order to save human beings with blessing through their merit act. This is a factor that boosts attraction for tourists who wish to find out about the real life of monks.

Phnom Penh City Life

Traffic in Phnom Penh goes on in a normal condition every day. We can see vendors on streets selling goods under colorful big umbrellas and cars coming and going with excessive load and many travellers perching on top looking very unsafe.
French colonial buildings in Phnom Penh

Many old buildings left over from the French colonial period can be seen in the city, which indicates foreign influence in Cambodia. Untill now, some of these historical buildings have been gradually renovated and innovated. 

Traffic congestion 

With day-to-day development, more and more cars are imported into Cambodia, which in line with driving without paying respect to the traffic law cause traffic congestion, confusion and disorder.
Old buildings in Phnom Penh

With the development in our society at present, we observe that there is alot of innovationin infrastructure, but some places are still in ruinous condition and in very disorderly manner.