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Chhim Sothy – painting


Studio : No 1Eo, Street 109, Group 49, Mittapheap 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Tel: (855) 12 83 22 28

 Born 1969 in Lovea Em, Kandal Province, Chhim Sothy studied at the Royal University of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh, where he graduated in 1995 he worked as designer for the Sofitel Cambodiana Hotel, He was designer and artistic director for the project “ Renaissance des arts Khmer ” 1995- 1996 and for Chantiers Ecoles de Formation Professionelle in Siem Reap, 1996-1997.
Mr. Sothy worked in the Ministry of culture and Fine Arts 1998. Where his work included landscape and furniture design, in 1999 he worked on a project with UNESCO dealing with traditional form of Khmer art.

 Chhim Sothy’s style reflects traditional sources combined with contemporary elements. Recently he has tried breaking away more from his training, and is meaning, he often depicts Buddhist themse or scenes the Ramayana.

 His works can be found in Cambodian collections as well as in France, Singapore, USA, Korea, and Japan. He was chosen by ASEAN in 2000 to represent Cambodia. Most recently his work was published in Asian Art News, January-February, 2001.

. Sothy is one of the most prominent Cambodian contemporary artists and has been involved in numerous high-profile exhibitions and projects. In 1999 he worked with UNESCO on a project concerning traditional forms of Khmer art, in 2000 he was selected as the Cambodian representative for an exhibition at the ASEAN conference, and in 2008 he exhibited his paintings at the Beijing Olympics again as the Cambodian representative. This year he has been nominated for the prestigious Sovereign Foundation art prize, which is based in Hong Kong .

Since the late 1990s Sothy has worked in the Ministry of Culture. He recently completed a mural in the lobby of the Council of Ministers; the 7 x 5 metre painting shows the well-known scene from the “Churning of the Sea of Milk ”. He is currently painting an 8 x 6 metre mural in a pagoda on the outskirts of Phnom Penh depicting stories concerning Buddhism. Sothy has exhibited his work in the USA, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, France, and Japan, and his art work is in private collections around the world.

 ART Exhibition

 1998        : Contemporary Asian art Hanoi Vietnam

1999        : Grand Hotel d’ Angkor Seim Reap

-          Teuke Bar Phnom Penh.

2000        : ASEAN ART Philip Morris, Singapore

-          Honorable Art prize Ministry of culture and Fine arts Phnom Penh

2001        : French cultural center Phnom Penh

2002        : First prize painting by ministry of culture and Fine arts Phnom Penh

-          Provident college Rhode Island USA

2003        : Raffle Hotel le Royal Phnom Penh.

2004        Fallac Art exhibit guideline in Manila Philippine

-          French cultural center Phnom Penh.

-          Maison du Chevalier, Carcasonne France

-          1st Prize of Art painting by Department of Art and crafts Phnom Penh

-          Asian Youth Camp in Art Siem Reap.

2005        : Vichtoria, Hotel and Resorts Siem Reap Angkor

-          Salon des Artistes Francaises Park Floral de Vincennes Paris France

-          Lotus Art gallery Phnom Penh.

2006        : Art 2 Gallery, Singapore

-          Visual Art Open (VAO) Phnom Penh

-          Carnet d’ Asie Siem Reap

-          Elsewhers Phnom Penh

-          ICOM Phnom Penh Vientiane  Laos

-          New Art Gallery Phnom Penh

2007        : Meta house Phnom Penh

-          French cultural center battambang

-          Embassy of Singapore Phnom Penh

-          2 fishes Art Gallery Phnom Penh

-          Salt Loung Phnom Penh

2008        : Beijing International Art Biennale China

-     Tembi Joyagarta Indonesia

-          Meta house Phnom Penh

-          Amansara Hotel resort Siem Reap

2009        : Art Sovereign Hong Kong

-          Chinese house Phnom Penh

-          Landmine Art UNDP Phnom Penh

-          Beyond Abstract Meta house Phnom Penh

-          Pharmacy Arts at Meta house Phnom Penh

-          Exhibition Center Hang bay . Hanoi Vietnam

2010        : Reyum art institute Phnom Penh

-          Asean Sovereign art price Hong Kong

-          4th Beijing international art biennale 2010 China.

-          Equinoxes Phnom Penh

-          Hotel de la Paix. Siem Reap Cambodia.

2011        :

-          Lost Room Phnom Penh

-          Van’s Restaurant Phnom Penh

-          Tamarind Phnom Penh  street 240  .

2012 :  -  Meta house . Phnom penh

             -    French Institute for 20 th anniversary , group artists

             -   Art Creative between Cambodia and Vietnam , Vung Tau Vietnam 2012.

              - 5 th Beijing Internationl  Biennale for Art and Culture , Beijing China 2012

2013 :   _ Construction and Destruction . Group Exhibition at Java Art gallery, Phnom penh

             - Vision 2 . at Tamarind Bar . Phnom penh .

             - Nature and Life : at Insider gallery , Intercontinental Hotel . Phnom penh .

2014 :   - Our City Festival . group artist . Phnom penh
             -  Joined a Workshop . Indochina Fine arts Association  . Hanoi Vietnam .

             -  Abstraction . 2 mens exhibited at New art gallery ( paintings and photography ). phnom penh .

             - Fine arts workshop and exhibition among Cambodia. vietnam  .Laos . Thailand and Japan ;s artists at University of Fine arts Hochi minh city . Vietnam
             - Transition . group artist show at Meta house .( German cultural center ). phnom penh

2015 -Leader of  artists meeting Cambodia Vietnam Laos in Hanoi Vietnam 
         - Participation the 6 th Beijing international Art Biennale . China 

         - Festival of Asean Culture Expression . Kuala lumpur . Malaysia 

         - Asean on Ramayana workshop .Bangkok Thailand 
2016 - recieved the Honord artists Award CLMTV countries from Mahasarakham University . Thailand 

         - Dance . Group exhibition show at Cambodian German Culture Center  ( Meta house ) Cambodia 

         - Asean traditional motif / Batik and textile . solo central java . Indonesia 

        -  Asean plus China . group art  exhibition . Tianjin province . China 


      Recognition :

2011 : Special received a Royal congratulation letter from his majesty the king Norodom Sihanouk.

2006 : Special certificate From his Majesty The king Prah Borrommoneath Norodom Sihanouk

2007 : Gold medal of Artwork from Prime Minister Samdach Hun Sen

 Collected art work

-          National Art museum Singapore

-          Municipality of Carcassonne France

-          National art museum Beijing China

-          Royal Palace art museum Phnom Penh

-          International Airport Phnom Penh

-          World Bank Office Phnom Penh

-          PPML Phnom Penh

-          DFDL Mekong Phnom Penh

- qb phone Center Phnom penh.

- EXPANZ.  International . pty . Ltd .  Australia

- Ambassy of Suede ,Sweeden , Phnom penh .
- Malis and Topaz Restaurant Phnom penh .
- IFC ( International Finance Corporation ) Office .  Phnom penh
- Ambassy of the Republic of Korea . phnom penh
- An  Artwork collected by Vietnamess fine arts association . Hanoi . vietnam 2014 .

      -  NOVI . Footwear    ( farEast .Pte .Ltd ) Mr Roman laure . Dusseldorf . Germany .
And all the country the world.

 Email :      ,   website ; www.chhimsothy-artist.com